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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 16, April 16, 2023, Article 19


Holabird Western Americana and Finest Known LLC are holding a joint treasure auction this month - here's an excerpt from the press release. -Editor

  Holabird-FK 2023 April treasure Sale

Two great companies are joining forces, using their combined 75 years of exceptional experience to present to you an auction of some of the Finest Known Treasure and Numismatic rarities! This one-day special auction presents an excellent sample of rarities in various treasure classes: SS Central America; SS Republic; Private Territorial gold coins; treasured Morgan dollars; ancient coins and more.

Both of our companies specialize in treasures. Everyone is fascinated by treasure – whether it is a gold coin found in your own backyard; in a clay pot full of mint state ancient coins; artifacts and coins from the ocean floor, or in a long-held private collection. It's all treasure!

Kellog Humbet ingot Now we can bring these treasures to you directly at auction. Finest Known, LLC has specialized in numismatics for decades and is the leader in sales of SS Central America material since about 2002, having sold nearly every gold ingot from the Ship of Gold – some of them sold many times over! They are known the world over for their professionalism and education of rare numismatics. The backgrounds and experience of our two companies fit hand in glove and work together to bring you very special items at auction. What everyone witnessed with the SS Central America artifact auctions now comes into play for this select group of treasure and numismatic items.

1857-S $20 toned Golden Gate SS Central America Treasures
The items up for auction from the 1857 SSCA are nothing short of astounding. In the numismatics portion, are several important pieces: a striking 1857-S $20 with deep golden red patina known as the Golden Gate coin. This coin is so stunning in appearance, reminiscent of the fabled sunsets at the Golden Gate, that SSCA Chief Scientist Bob Evans refused to conserve the coin and remove the fabulous coloration. It is one of a small handful of coins that were left alone because of their beautiful appearance.

Other SS Central America treasures include very rare coins of numerous denominations found in various passenger coin piles out in debris fields on the ocean floor, as well as key items from the Gold Room, inclusive of a 13 troy ounce Kellogg & Humbert gold ingot.

SS Republic
The SS Republic treasure of 1865 offers several of the fine $20 gold coins and several of the half dollars. Certainly one of the key pieces is a counterstamped half dollar with TN and 1861 separately stamped into the obverse and reverse. This coin tells the story of the difficult and conflicting politics of the people of Tennessee in 1861 at the onset of the Civil War. As the last state to enter the Confederacy, Tennesseans were strong, outspoken people about their politics during those first months of the Civil War, which is emphasized by this unique half dollar.

Gold Rush Rarities
Very rare, low mintage US gold coins, particularly US type 1 $20 gold coins from 1850 to 1860. A spectacular rarity is a Baldwin 1851 $10 in mint state, one of only a very few known. The collection is supplemented by other rarities including one of the very rare 1911-D low denomination gold coins.

  1851 SMV Ten Dollar Gold

Ancient Treasures
Every collector and every kid gets thrilled thinking about ancient coins. They are a true treasure, and the information and history behind them is another treasure trove. We have a great variety of nearly 100 different silver and gold coins of the ancient period.

Modern Treasures
Modern treasures include many of the 2000 millennium specialty US gold coins in Mint State and Proof 70, the highest grade possible - coins that grade a true perfect.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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