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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 20, May 14, 2023, Article 8


More on the Weimar White Seated Dollar Books
Ken Berger writes:

"I have the soft covered version of the book "The Liberty Seated Dollar 1840-1873" by Weimar W. White. It does not contain a signature."

Thanks. -Editor

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Notes From Ken Bressett
Ken Bressett writes:

"Another great issue of The E-Sylum. Don't know what I would do on Mondays without it. Here are a couple of items that caught my eye, besides the greatly-appreciated article about my book on Bible Lore, and the imprimatur.

W. White No.34 "My copy of the hard-bound Durst book by Weimar White has the pasted in autograph label and #34 of 500. It also has his autograph on the title page where it is autographed to me and dated 1/22/1994. I knew him well, and am sure that both are his actual autographs. Here is a regrettably lousy picture of the title page autograph.

"I can also verify that the English ‘dump' copper coins are struck and not cast.

"I also greatly enjoyed and appreciated Newman's research on the Bar coppers. It brought back some fond memories."

It's great to hear from you - glad you enjoyed the issue. Thanks for all you do as well. Readers - see the article elsewhere in this issue about Ken's great work with R.S. Yeoman on the Red Book. -Editor

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Standard Works for Various Coin Series
Ken White writes:

"While reading the current issue of E-Sylum and the Weimer W. White article in particular I wondered if there was a published list available for all the various coin designs and or denominations. In other words, what books are recognized as the standard reference for their types?"

Well, my own go-to list for that would be the latest edition of the Red Book, A Guide Book of United States Coins. See the Bibliography in the back. By necessity the editors and publisher must keep up with all the latest published research and information. If a book is listed there, it's a keeper. Even if it's an oldie, it's still a goodie. Of course, space limitations keep that list very short. There are many excellent works that don't make that cut.

We do have a bibliography section on the NBS Wiki. Here's the U.S. section: .

It hasn't been updated in some time, and there have been a lot of great new titles published since then. Time to recruit a volunteer to help!

I also reached out to Dennis Tucker at Whitman, and got pointed to a great reference I'd overlooked, even though there's a copy sitting right here under my big fat nose. Here's his response. -Editor

In Mega Red we try to maintain an expanded and up-to-date bibliography, with the annual help of David Fanning and others. For 21 main categories it includes

  • Standard References--books defined by Q. David Bowers and his contributors as being essential today (this includes many updated/revised editions of past writing and research), and
  • References of Historical Interest (defined as titles from the past that for the most part have been made obsolete by later writing and research). These are further described: Some of these remain valuable as a window into the state of the art years ago; they often contain anecdotal and narrative text not included in later works.

The categories covered are:

  1. Mega-Red_8th-edition_cover Colonial and State Coinage (by far the largest, with a page and a half of listings)
  2. Half Cents
  3. Large Cents
  4. Small Cents
  5. Two-Cent Pieces and Three-Cent Pieces
  6. Nickel Five-Cent Pieces
  7. Half Dimes
  8. Dimes and Twenty-Cent Pieces
  9. Quarter Dollars
  10. Half Dollars
  11. Silver and Related Dollars
  12. Gold Coins ($1 through $20)
  13. Commemorative Coins
  14. Bullion Coins
  15. Pattern Coins
  16. Private and Territorial Gold
  17. Tokens, Medals, and Exonumia
  18. General Works Covering Multiple American Coin Series
  19. World Issues Related to the United States
  20. History of the U.S. Mints and the Mint Collection
  21. Publications About Books, Coinage, Money, and Numismatics

There's plenty of room in Mega Red to expand this 10-page bibliography, so if any E-Sylum readers recommend additions, they can email us at

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Silas M. Perkins Memorial Engraved Half Dollar

Alan Weinberg published this interesting coin image in today's JR Newsletter from the John Reich Collectors Society, wondering if the honoree was related to engraver Jacob Perkins or NBS board member Dave Perkins. Nice piece. -Editor

  SIlas Perkins engraved 1826 half dollar
Pete Smith adds:

"Silas M. Perkins died of wounds sustained at Cold Harbor on May 31, 1864. He was accidentally shot in the foot while in his tent. He is buried at Village Cemetery in Kennebunkport, Maine.

"Silas was the son of Silas P. Perkins (1803-1883) and Eliza A. Foss (1810-1862).

"He was the grandson of Stephen Perkins (1765-1833) and Alice Stone (1769-1850).

"He was the great grandson of Abner Perkins (1730-1811) and Anna Perkins."

Alan Weinberg adds:

"The fact that an accidental shooting of a foot would result in death during the Civil War speaks volumes of the status of medical science and the availability of emergency medical treatment during the Civil War during which limb amputations were reportedly widespread."

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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