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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 39, September 24, 2023, Article 18


With this press release, Classical Numismatic Group announces their new Marketing / Media Manager. -Editor

  Kan Liu Joins CNG as Marketing / Media Manager

VeraKanLiu Kan (Vera) Liu, creator of the innovative and eye-catching displays for the world-famous Tyrant Collection, has joined Classical Numismatic Group LLC as a Marketing and Consignments specialist, according to CNG's Managing Director Michael Gasvoda.

Vera is a true rising star in this industry, Gasvoda said. We are very excited to have someone with as much talent, and as much international experience in the coin market, joining CNG.

"As a coin collector myself, I love my hobby and always want to promote my passion to a broader audience, Ms. Liu said. I'm very happy to be joining CNG, one of the most prestigious coin firms in the world. Through my profession, I will seek to expand CNG's business into new territories with more interactive marketing methods.

A native of Dalian, China, Ms. Liu is a 2011 graduate of Renmin University of China, where she attained an L.L.B. in Diplomacy in the university's School of International Studies. Through an exchange course with UCLA, she also studied Ancient Greek language and art, which kindled her interest in Green coins, which soon spread to all forms of ancient and modern coinage.

Ms. Liu entered the international corporate world after university, first as an Assistant Brand Manager with Unilever in Shanghai, and later as Digital Marketing Manager for Pepsico China, where she created innovative crossover brand marketing strategies.

After immigrating to United States in 2015 and landing in Los Angeles, Vera launched into her numismatic career by founding Maoyan Rare Coins, which focused on representing the rapidly growing number of Chinese collectors, both overseas and in the Unites States, in their dealings with U.S. and European numismatic firms and auction houses. She developed a social media audience of more than 300,000 followers across several platforms, and was interviewed in many mainstream media outlets including Beijing Youth Daily, China Numismatics, and Financial Times. Thousands of new collectors have been introduced to the hobby through her engaging videos and social media postings across many continents.

In 2017, at the behest of Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles, she met California collector Dan O'Dowd, who over many years had built one of the premier coin holdings in the world, including impressive rarities from the dawn of coinage to the present day. O'Dowd desired to present his collection to a broader audience of numismatists and brought Ms. Liu in his as curator. She created a system of innovative displays and marketing materials that enabled the fabulous assemblage of numismatic beauty and rarity to go on tour. Termed The Tyrant Collection, and billed as The World's Most Valuable private coin collection, thematic sections of the holding were soon touring important coin shows all over the United States, most recently at the American Numismatic Association's World's Fair of Money in Pittsburgh, PA. Between 2017 and today, tens of thousands of collectors have personally viewed the dazzling and inspiring collection.

At Classical Numismatic Group LLC, Ms. Liu will considerable talents to bear on developing new approaches to presenting the firm's auctions to audiences worldwide, developing inclusive marketing strategies to bring in and educate new clients, and will represent CNG at coin shows in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Ever since viewing a Tyrant Collection display the first time, I've wanted to meet and thank the designer for doing such a marvelous job of safely and securely showcasing such an important (and massive) numismatic collection. Now I'll know who to look for at coin conventions. Great work! Congratulations to both CNG and Ms. Liu. -Editor

  2021 WFOM video 2 Tyrant Collection

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