Numismatic Literature Exhibits

The Aaron Feldman Award

In 1991, the Numismatic Bibliomania Society raised and donated $3,000 to the American Numismatic Association to establish the Numismatic Literature category and endow the Aaron Feldman Award , to be given each year to the top numismatic literature exhibit.

Exhibit Judging Criteria

Competitive exhibits at the ANA conventions are judged according strict criteria. There are three judges in each category, each of whom evaluates the exhibits using the ANA's 100-point Exhibit Judging Sheet

After reviewing the exhibits individually, the judges confer and decide on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Past Exhibits

Below is a listing of exhibits in the Numismatic Literature class since its inception in 1992. For some of the exhibits, the full text is available online. "NC" means the exhibit was placed non-competitively.

Underlined exhibit titles are active links to additional information on that exhibit.


2018 - Philadelphia, PA 

1stMichael ShutterlyBuy the Books for the Coin
2ndMarc Charles Ricard  "The Numismatic Literature of Napoleonic Medals."

2018 - Philadelphia, PA 

1stCarl Waltz, Jr.Publications by Charles T. Steigerwalt
2ndMichael ShutterlyBuy the Books for the Coin
3rdDarryl GomezSpecial Medals for U.S. Government Agencies

2017 - Denver, CO 

1stNot Awarded 
2ndDarryl Gomez"Debut of the President of the United States special Government medal Series."

2016 - Anaheim, CA 

No Literature Exhibits

2015 - Rosemont, IL 

1stMark WieclawRoman Coins and Their Values': The Evolution of the Most Used Reference on Ancient Roman Coinage
2ndCarl Waltz, Jr.Publications by Charles T. Steigerwalt
3rdScott McGowanBuy the Book Before the Coin

2014 - Rosemont, IL 

No Literature Exhibits

2013 - Rosemont, IL 

    Dr. Daniel W. Valentine: Profile of a Numismatic Pioneer
    Roman Coins and Their Values

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2012 - Philadelphia, PA 

    American Numismatic Literature of the 1850s
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2011 - Rosemont, IL 

1stGeorge Kolbe"Numismatic Bibliography 1579-1912: The Literature of Numismatic Literature"
2ndLawrence Sekulich"Paul Manship's Book for the Circle of Friends of the Medallion."

2007 - Milwaukee

1st & People's ChoiceLeon A. Saryan, Ph.D.Seminal Works of 19th Century Armenian Numismatic Literature
2ndLawrence SekulichThe Provenance of Tudeer 99a
3rdEmmett McDonald Metric Coinage

2005 - San Francisco

2ndLeo ShaneA Colonial Merchant's Dilemma

2004 - Pittsburgh

1stDavid W. LangeCoin Boards 1934-2004
2ndLawrence SekulichAn 18th Century Magnum Opus
3rdWayne K. HomrenNumismatic Literature of Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society Members: The First 100 Years

2003 - Baltimore

3rdRadford StearnsResearching the Sestroretsk Ruble

2002 - New York, NY

lst Jim Neiswinter First Photographic Plate in American Numismatics (click to view)
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2001 - Atlanta, GA 

1stDavid SklowANA Membership: The Printed Record
2ndDavid G. ProvostUS Commemorative Coin Advertisements of 1937
3rdPete SmithContemporary Illustrations of  the Second Philadelphia Mint 

2000 - Philadelphia, PA

1stTom SheehanBuilding a Set of The Numismatist
2ndP. Scott RubinAuction Catalogs That Led Me to Collect Numismatic Literature

1999 - Chicago, IL

1stLawrence SekulichA Bibliographic Introduction to Collecting Ancient Greek Coins

1998 - Portland, OR

1st Michael J. Sullivan An Overview of Bank Note Reporters and Counterfeit Detectors for Paper Money 
2nd Donna Malloy The Literature of Military Payment Certificates 
3rd John R. Eshbach The Start of Something Big: 1st November 1858 
 P. Scott Rubin 19th Century U.S. Auction Catalogs Distributed by Coin Dealers other than the Catalogers 
NC Wayne K. Homren A Selection of American Numismatic Literature Prospectuses 

1997 - New York, NY

No Exhibits due to space limitations
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1996 - Denver, CO

1st Pete Smith The Challenging Literature of A. M. Smith
2nd P. Scott Rubin My Choice of Very Significant U.S. Auction Sales of the 19th and 20th Centuries 
 John A. Parker A Brief History of the Heath Bond Detector 

1995 - Anaheim, CA

 John Eshbach The Life and Works of Charles T. Steigerwalt, Numismatist 

1994 - Detroit, MI

1st John Kraljevich A Comparison of the Different Editions of Sheldon's Work on Large Cents 
2nd Joel J. Orosz Early Literature of Dave Bowers and Jim Ruddy 
 Steven Roach B. Max Mehl--A Numismatic Legend 
 Rian R. Thum An Eighteenth Century Spanish Volume on Numismatics 
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1993 - Baltimore, MD

1st P. Scott Rubin American Numismatic Literature--Then and Now 
 Frank Katen American Numismatic Literature 
 Rian R. ThumThe Evolution of Literature on Large Date (1840-1857) Large Cents 
 John Kraljevich A Comparison of the Different Editions of Sheldon's Work on Large Cents 

1992 - Orlando, FL 

1st Wayne K. Homren A Selection of Numismatic Ephemera 
2nd P. Scott Rubin Auction Catalogs as Information Sources 
 Bob Metzger Tracing a Pedigree Through Auction Catalogs 
 Benjamin M. Phillips The Evolution of YN Digest 
 Robert Turfboer King Otto Grants Mining Rights 
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